Banks in Sri Lanka

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Sri Lanka is heavily dependent on foreign income. There are many Lankans who work abroad which brings a lot of money to the local economy. The financial services, which includes banks, has to be up to good standard. Let’s look at a few banking options that are available here.

Bank of Ceylon ( BOC) - major commercial bank in Sri Lanka.

Bank of Ceylon

You could say it’s the mother of all the other banks. This was found in 1939 when Ceylon was a British Colony. It’s a state-owned major commercial bank in Sri Lanka. BOC offers the option of holding Personal Foreign Currency Accounts to non-national citizens who are on a temporary visit in Sri Lanka.

You can know all the information about it by simply clicking here.

cemmrtcial bank in sri lanka

Commercial Bank of Ceylon

Known as Commercial Bank, this is one of the oldest banks in Sri Lanka which was established in 1920. It has a broad network of ATM’s with more than 700 around the island. Branches are situated in all major cities, which is close to 300 branches spread around the island. This too offers services with regards to foreign currencies for tourists who are on temporary visit visa in Sri Lanka. Please click here for more info.

hnb bank in sri lanka

Hatton National Bank

Established in 1888, HNB is one of the pioneers in Banking services in Sri Lanka. Its equipped with more than 250 branches and more than 500 ATM’s spread around the island. It offers services for Foreigners who are on temporary visit visa, and you can know all about it by clicking here.

sampath bank in sri lanka

Sampath Bank

One of the new upcoming banks in Sri Lanka. It incorporated in 1986. It manages a network of more than 250 branches and close to 400 ATM’s spread across the island. Just like above-mentioned banks, Sampath Bank offers banking services to tourists who are on temporary visit visa. Click here to know more information.

ndb bank in sri lanka

National Development Bank

Founded in 1979, NDB is one of the developing banks in Sri Lanka. They just completed 50 years of service in Sri Lanka. It manages more 100 branches and have more than 150 ATM’s around the country. To know about their services when it comes to Foreign currency accounts please click here.

ndb bank in sri lanka

National Savings Bank

NSB was founded in 1832, and it is one of the oldest banks in Sri Lanka. Even though it’s old, it is not so popular amongst the locals. However, it manages more than 250 branches and closes to 300 ATM’s around the country. You can click here to know more information about their services in Foreign Currency affairs.

These are few banks who would support you in making your transactions smooth and safe whilst you stay here in Sri Lanka. If you have any further clarifications, please feel free to make a comment in the comment section below.

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