Corona in Sri Lanka

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Sri Lanka Corona Cases


Corona Timeline in Sri Lanka

7th victim of COVID-19 was recorded today when 44-year-old patient died at the IDH hospital. Total cases rise up to 188. 44 patients have fully recovered. 

8th April 2020
6th April 2020

Total confirmed COVID-19 cases up to 180. 

Total confirmed COVID-19 cases rise up to 176. Total recoveries are at 33. Working days from tomorrow till Friday we’re been declared as a period to work from home. 

5th April 2020
3rd April 2020

World bank approved $128.6 million as COVID-19 emergency grant to Sri Lanka. 9 COVID-19 cases were found today. 

4th victim of COVID-19 was recorded today. Total cases were up to 156 island wide. 

2nd April 2020
1 April 2020

Third Death due to COVID-19 was recorded today when a 72 year old male died at IDH. Sri Lankan Airlines suspend all flight from the 8th to the 21st of April. Total COVID-19 cases were up to 143 while the total recoveries go up-to 21. 

Totally COVID-19 cases rise up to 142 with 20 patients tested positive within the last 24 hours. Totally recoveries we’re up to 17. 


31 March 2020
30 March 2020

Second Death due to COVID-19 were found today. Total cases were up to 122 while 14 have fully recovered and left the hospital. 132 people were released from quarantine centers after completing their quarantine period. 

COVID-19 cases rise up to 117. Total recoveries are up to 11. Ban on Flight arrivals were extended until the 7th of April.
29 March 2020
28 March 2020

Sri Lanka reports it’s first COVID-19 victim 

Later this evening, COVID-19 killed its first victim in Sri Lanka. He was a 65-year old patient who was been treated at the Infectious Diseases Hospital. It was told that he was already been treated for Diabetes, High Blood pressure and have had a kidney transplant done few years back. 
This was the first death reported from Sri Lanka, 17 days after the first COVID-19 patient was found in the island. 

COVID-19 cases up-to 106. Foreign Ministry confirmed that a Sri Lankan residing in Switzerland have passed away due to the virus. Another group of 503 people were released from quarantine camps after their mandatory qurentine period. 

27 March 2020
26 March 2020

Confirmed COVID-19 cases up to 104. 4 patients have recovered and left IDH. Batch of 223 people complete quarantine period and was released from various quarantine centers. 

No new COVID-19 cases found during the day. 3 patients have fully recovered and left the hospitals. 

25 March 2020
24 March 2020
Confirmed COVID-19 cases upto 102. Colombo, Gampaha and Kalutara identified as high risk zones and curfew is out for those districts until further notice.

COVID-19 cases up to 91. The first COVID-19 patient was discharged from IDH after full recovery. Curfew will be lifted tomorrow at 6am till 12 noon and it will be reimposed until the 27th Friday 6am.

23 March 2020
22 March 2020

Sri Lanka COVID-19 cases up to 80. All incoming passenger aircraft and cruise ships will not be allowed from entering the country. Residents from the 05 districts in the northern province will not be allowed from leaving their respective districts. 

Corona Virus (COVID-19) cases up to 77. Police curfew imposed for the Colombo, Gampaha and Puttlam Districts will be extended to 06:00 AM on Tuesday. 

21 March 2020
20 March 2020

Sri Lanka Corona virus cases up to 72. Island-wide curfew will be imposed from 06:00 PM today(20) to 06:00 AM on Monday(23). 

COVID-19 cases up to 52. SriLankan Airlines decided to send special flights to bring back Sri Lankan pilgrims currently in India, today & tomorrow. Facilities were made available for over 38,000 foreigners trapped in Sri Lanka to depart the country. 

Govt. declared March 20th to 27th as a period to work from home for both the Public & Private sector. 

19 March 2020
18 March 2020

Total COVID-19 cases up to 50. Government instructed for temporary closure of all night clubs, betting centers and also the public was asked to prohibit from trips and tours within the country. 

Police Curfew was imposed for police divisions of Puttlam, Chilaw, Negombo - Kochchikade from 04:30 PM today until further notice. All international airports will be closed from 4.00am tomorrow until 25th April. 

Total COVID-19 cases up to 43. It was decided to suspend All passenger arrivals from midnight tomorrow (18) to 31st March but, Departure, transit & cargo transportation will be continued. 

17 March 2020
16 March 2020

Total COVID-19 cases up to 28. All visas issued for all foreigners were extended by 30 days. 

Total COVID-19 cases up-to 18. Muslim Community was asked to temporarily stop Jummah and 5 times congressional prayers at Musjids. It was decided to send All passengers from 11 countries including France, Germany, Denmark, Russia & Sweden to quarantine upon arrival. All incoming flights from UK, Belgium and Norway will not be allowed from the 16th from March. 

15 March 2020
14 March 2020

The cases were up to 10. The churches in Chillaw and Colombo archdioceses were asked not to celebrate any masses for two weeks. It was decided to have all Elephant Orphanages, The Zoo and all national parks to be closed from the 15th of March for two weeks. 

The cases were up to 6. All incoming flights from South Korea, Italy and Iran were stopped. Issuance of Visa for citizen from EU countries were suspended for two weeks. 

All incoming Flights from France, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, Netherlands, Sweden and Austria will not be allowed from the 15th to the 29th of March. 

National Colleges and Teaching colleges were given a two-week holiday while Pre-schools were ordered to close until the 20th of April. 

13 March 2020
12 March 2020

The tour guides roommate was tested positive. He had shared a room with the tour guide who was tested positive for COVID-19. All cases up to 3. 

The first Sri Lankan COVID-19 Case was reported. It was a 52-year-old tour guide who had contact with some Italian tourists. WHO declared COVID-19 as a pandemic. 

11 March 2020
19 February 2020

The 43-year-old Chinese female was discharged after fully recovering from COVID-19 and sent back to China. 

The 43-year-old Chinese female was found positive for COVID-19 and sent to Infectious Diseases Hospital for quarantine. 

25 January 2020

Corona Outbreak in Sri Lanka

It was on the 25th of January when the first ever COVID-19(corona virus) positive patient was found in Sri Lanka.

It was a 43-year-old female Chinese who was on holiday in Sri Lanka.

She was immediately sent to the Infectious Diseases Hospital to be treated.

After more than three weeks the female recovered and was released to go back to China. 

The first case in Sri Lanka was found after more than 2 months from first ever case of COVID-19 which was found in Wuhan.

Sri Lankans made it to the headlines when a Sri Lankan Airlines, Flight UL-1423 operated an rescue mission to bring back the Sri Lankan students who were stranded in Wuhan.

A 16 crew member flight was sent to Wuhan and they successfully brought back the 33 students and they were quarantined before they were released to the society.
Despite drastic measures which were taken by the government of Sri Lanka.

The First Corona Patient in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka’s first local corona virus case was found on the 11th of March.

He was a 52-year-old tour guide who had come in contact with a group of Italian tourists.

He was immediately quarantined at the Infectious Diseases Hospital.

Sri Lankan Govt. together with their General Medical Officers Association took certain measures to prevent the virus from spreading through out the country. 

So Far, the corona virus cases are on the rise.

The Civil Aviation Authority together with  the Sri Lankan Govt. decided to close all International Airports in the Island from the 19th of March to the 25th of March.

However, Departures originating from Colombo, stop overs, transit passengers or visiting tourists were allowed.

Emergency Diversions, Freighter Operations, Humanitarian Flights, Technical Landings and Inbound ferry Flights were also allowed to enter the country through the Bandaranaike International Airport. 

Even though all necessary precautions were taken, the Corona Virus had broke out and its now on the rise in the Sri Lanka.

As to date, the case have rise up to (amount when uploading) .

In order to prevent from the corona virus being spread more, the Govt. have enforced an island wide curfew effective from the 20th of March till the 23rd of March.

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