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As a growing tourist destination, there are few facilities a country should put in place to make life easier for foreigners during their stay. One important factor is establishing money exchange centres in Sri Lanka. The currency used in Sri Lanka is the Sri Lankan Rupee (LKR). It not considered as a major currency in the world.

It preferred not to exchanged ahead of time since it is highly unlikely that you would get a reasonable exchange rate outside the country. Most hotels offer currency exchange, but, the exchange rate would not be favourable. The better option would be going to the Currency Exchange Center or using an ATM.

There are few Currency Exchange centres as well as unlisted Currency Exchange centre in almost all major cities. It is advised to avoid unlisted centres to avoid been tricked or been fooled into a lower exchange rate.

Banks and Exchange bureaus accept most of the major currencies, and they would be the safest option in buying Sri Lanka Rupees. All banks have a license to provide money exchange facility. Click here to know the about few banking options.

However, in case of an emergency and you can’t reach a bank, there are few options within Colombo which you can use.

Prasanna Money Exchange

Prasanna Money Exchange is one of the more popular money exchange centres amongst the locals in Sri Lanka. It is legit even though the exchange rates could be less favourable to banks or ATM’s. Click here to know where you could find these centres.

Maruthi Money Exchange

Another Center which is in Galle Road and they have a branch in Jaffna as well. It is an established money exchange centre which has been around for quite some time.

Swiss Money Exchange

Another popular money exchange center located in Galle Road Colombo. Even though the name says Swiss, it takes all major currencies you wouldn’t have to think twice before you go in.

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