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Negombo is one of main cities in the west coast of Sri Lanka. It is by far the closest beach you can access once you step into the island.

Situated just 10 km from the airport, Negombo is one of the major coastal tourist hotspots in the country. 

The Negmbo Beach is quite famous among the travelers.

It has a chilled out vibe to it and the pubs and restaurants by the beach are often crowded with people wanting to have a relaxing time.

The stretch of hotels by the beach offer good seafood and it suits all pockets. 

Negombo is mostly used as pitstop.

After long hours of flying many travellers take the short trip to Negombo to relax before they start their vacation.

Some even stay here for a day or two before they leave the country after their vacation.

The city is a stronghold for the Christian in Sri Lanka.

The majority of people are fishermen and their lives basically revolve around the beach and tourism. Negombo was captured by the Dutch from the Portuguese in 1640, lost it, and then captured it again in 1644.

The British then took it over in 1796 and made it commercial hub. 

Apart from the Negombo Beach, the Lagoon play a vital role in the cities economy.

It is famous for its Lobster, Crabs and Prawns and there are few hotels and restaurants built by the lagoon as well. 

Negombo took a huge hit during the Easter Attacks on the 21st of April 2019. The Tourism fell apart and the city died.

But, since late it’s on the rise again and the foreigners feel more safe to stay in the city. 

How to get here

If you’re going straight from the Airport it’s just a 10km Uber ride which would cost about LKR1000.

You can also enjoy Tuk-Tuk ride for pretty lower price.

Taking a bus would be a hassle, but if you are a budget traveller, you can walk towards the Colombo-Puttlam Main road and take any bus that’s going towards Puttlam from the bus stop. 

If you’re Travelling from Colombo, there are enough A/C busses which leave hourly from the Pettah bus station.

The trip will cost only LKR150.

This is the easiest, most economical and fastest way to get to Negombo Beach. 

Things to do in Negombo Sri Lanka

Negombo Beach 

It’s one of the liveliest beaches you can find in the west coast of the island.

The pubs around the beach has a good vibe so you can relax and enjoy a chilled beer.

The seafood is pretty amazing as well.

You get five star restaurants as well as small food joints so it suits any pocket. The hotels by the beach vary from five-star to three-star budget hotels.

You can choose any and enjoy good Sri Lankan hospitality.

Water activities

Locals and tour operators arrange boat trips along the Dutch canal north of Negombo.

These  include a visit to a coir factory and birdwatching.

But the most interesting trip out of all is the boat ride through the nearby Muthurajawela wetlands.

There are few hotels that offer diving, sailing, surfing, windsurfing and kitesurfing tuition, and also has kayaks, sailing boats, boogie-boards and other equipment for hire.

Negombo is particularly good for kitesurfing during the months of January and March, including a fine, 8km-long downwinder along the coast from Waikkal to Negombo.

The pitstop, Negombo Sri Lanka

North of Negombo, the beach becomes increasingly rough, with narrow beaches and crashing waves that make swimming impossible for most of the year.

Not surprisingly, the area remains largely undeveloped, although north of Negombo you get Waikkal, which has a few boutique hotels by the beach.

Heading further north brings the fishing town of Chilaw and the interesting Munnesvaram Temple, one of the island’s most important Hindu shrines, while further up the coast the idyllic Kalpitiya Peninsula is home to the island’s best dolphin-watching and seasonal whale watching. 

Wilpattu National Park

Wilpattu National Park is the largest in Sri Lanka. its position was the frontline between Sinhalese and Tamil areas led to the destruction of local infrastructure and killing of wildlife.

The park finally reopened in 2009 and its wildlife is now gradually on the rise, although the effects of poaching meant that the density of wildlife remains significantly lower than in parks such as Yala.

although there’s a small but significant chance of spotting the leopards and sloth bears for which the park was once famous, not to mention elephants, deer, and many types of birds.

Equally, the lack of visitors and the size of the area open to visitors means that it’s also supremely peaceful compared to many other parks.

An main feature of Wilpattu are its numerous villus.

These water holes are actually just depressions filled with rainwater which expand and contract with the seasons, attracting a range of water-birds and wildlife.

The park is situated approximately 135kms from Negombo and it will roughly take a 2 and a half hour drive if you’re taking an Uber. The Uber ride would cost around LKR 11,000.

Taking a bus would be quite a hassle since there are no direct busses to the entrance. 

Munnesvaram Kovil

the history says, Munnesvaram temple was established by Rama himself, after he defeated and killed Rawana, as per the Ramayana.

Following the final battle with Rawana, Rama was returning to India in his air chariot, the Dandu Monara, or “Wooden Peacock” – when he was overcome by a sudden sense of guilt at the bloodshed occasioned by his war with Ravana.

Seeing a temple below he landed and began to pray, while he was praying Shiva and Parvati appeared and ordered him to enshrine lingams in three new temples: at Konesvaram in Trincomalee, Thirukethesvaram in Mannar, and at Munnesvaram.

The Shrine is situated approximately 50kms from Negombo. It would take a one hour drive to reach there.

This would cost you LKR 4000 in an Uber or you could take the bus to Chillaw which would be much cheaper.

It would cost you only LKR 250 and train ride would cost you about LKR 150.

For the train schedules you can click here and for the Bus Schedules you can click here. 

Final say 

All in all, Negombo is a perfect place to start your vacation or to end it.

It is also the perfect pit stop on your way up north if you’re traveling from the south.

The lovely sea food and great hospitality would make you fall in love with the country.

Negombo is definitely a place you should try out during your stay. 

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