Sri Lanka Language – Which Languages Used in Sri Lanka

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The official Sri Lanka language is Sinhala. Sinhala language has spoken widely in the southern, western, and central parts of the Island.

Sinhala believed as one of the most beautiful languages in the whole world. 

The 70% of the Sinhalese population speak their native Sri Lanka language, Sinhala. Sinhala was also spoken among other ethnic groups on the Island as a second language which makes it the most widely spoken language in Sri Lanka.

sri lanka language by districts-sri lankan languages map

Sri Lanka language Sinhala influenced by Pali and Sanskrit, which goes hand in hand with Buddhism.

Tamil has spoken about five million people on the Island, which is about 15 percent of the population and commonly spoken in northern and eastern parts of the Island.

Tamil brought by ancient settlers, tradesmen, invaders, foreign kings, and immigrants which goes back centuries in history.

Other than Sinhala and Tamil, Veddah spoken by the Veddah people, who are a group of tribal hunter-gatherers who lives in the forests of central Sri Lanka.

Veddah is closely related to Sinhala, and both languages have many words borrowed from each other.

Majority of Sri Lankans are familiar with English, so you are unlikely to face communication issues with the locals. Sri Lankan people learn English as a second language at school, starting from primary grades.

Srilankan English is essentially British English with a little touch of local phrases and words.

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