Sri Lanka People – Have you ever heard about Sri Lankan People?

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Ayubowan” is a word that you will hear when you make your way to this tiny beautiful Island in the Indian Ocean.

Ayubowan simply means may you live long. Thas is how Sri Lanka People greet one another. It’s special and unique, and it says a lot about people.

Generous, kind, smiling are few words that go together with Sri Lanka. These are not self-proclaimed words but, true accolades the tourists who have visited Sri Lanka has given. 

You could expect nothing short of overwhelming generosity and love from the Sri Lanka People. Despite your color, raise, nationality, or even the language you speak, Sri Lankans would treat you with utmost respect and love.

In a country where the majority live in harmony, these qualities have come from generation to generation.

It is genuine, and these Sri Lankan people enjoy making anyone feel like home.

From the time you reach our land, you would experience something very unique to us, Sri Lankan’s. You would always find enough and more Sri Lankan people wanting to help you with anything you need.

You would find people who just smile and greet you wherever you look. From the time you land here until the time you leave, you will be taken care of. You wouldn’t even feel like you’re a tourist in a foreign land.

When you speak to many frequent travellers who come down to Sri Lanka, majority of them would say, it’s not the beautiful beaches, it’s not the picturesque mountains or the waterfalls, it’s the Sri Lanka people who make us come back here all the time.

The recent past has been tough for tourism and the picture of Sri Lanka as a country.

The bombings which took place on Easter Sunday brought back memories of the Civil war, which lasted over 30 years. The cultural ethnicity once again highlighted during those times, where the affected Catholics held back and didn’t give in to their rage and ignite another conflict that could go on to become something more significant.

These are a few reasons why Sri Lankan people known as generous and friendly people. 

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