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Sri Lanka has been a growing tourist destination since late. With more and more tourist coming in every year, the infrastructure has also grown into a very high standard. One of the main attributes to have in a tourist destination is a proper transport network.

In a broader perspective, there are two types of travellers. First let’s take the most common one you could find in islands like Sri Lanka, the budget travellers. Budget travellers would ideally have a set amount of money to spend during their vacation, and when it comes to transportation, they are most likely to use the cheapest way possible.

The other kind is the luxurious traveller. This type of traveller would be willing to spend some extra cash to have a more relaxing and luxurious vacation. In most cases, these are types who use the taxi network when it comes travelling from point A to point B.

Before smartphones took over the control of the world, there were very few options in the taxi network in Sri Lanka. As soon as a foreigner lands at the Airport, you would be greeted with smiles and a bunch of travel guides and drivers who would push you and try to convince you to hire them to accompany you during your stay. Some tourist prefers getting an airport pick up from the hotel where they will be staying. The latter being the smarter option to avoid been rushed at the airport.

However, with time the taxi network has evolved and their many options available for you. Let’s take a look at those options.


Since late Sri Lankans have moved along with the world, and you can use options like Uber to do all the travelling within the country. At one time, there would be more than 50 vehicles waiting to pick up people from airport. You could find the car you need, and the options are limitless. These drivers are given training by Uber SL and are very keen to make your trip a pleasant one.

Also, UberSL has the options of taking you to any tourist hotspot around the island. Although it comes with hefty pay, you would be able to sit back and relax while the driver takes you to your destination. UberSL is yet to have a Hotline to contact in case of lost items, but, they have established a process where you can obtain the number of the driver and get any further clarification.


Apart from Uber, there are few local mobile applications which are used in Sri Lanka. The most popular one is PickMe. It was introduced in Sri Lanka before Uber was launched in Sri Lanka. However, this app is not so popular amongst the tourists. PickMe too can be used anywhere on the island and fares are pretty similar to Uber. It has all the options, including vans, bikes and tuk-tuks as well.

Apart from travelling, PickMe offers trucks and movers as well, which makes it the ultimate vehicle booking app on the island. With PickMe, you have the luxury of having the driver’s contact details in your app, which can used during an emergency.


YOGO which is very similar to the rest, but it is not used a lot in the country. This to have the option of tuk-tuk, cars and sedans. If you’re looking to make trips out of Colombo, this option wouldn’t be the smartest.

SLT Muve

SLT Muve is the most recent Cab service mobile application which was launched in Sri Lanka. Although it hasn’t reached the community yet, it is becoming more and more popular within the city limits of Colombo

Kangaroo Cabs

Kangaroo cabs is one of the pioneers in the cab network in Sri Lanka. Before any of these Mobile Applications were introduced in Sri Lanka, Kangaroo Cabs were used by many tourists and hotels to take their customers to places they wish to travel during their stay. They don’t have the option of Tuk-tuks but, Cars, sedans and vans are available. Recently they launched their app, and you can find all their info by simply clicking here.

Caboo Taxi

Another upcoming cab service in Sri Lanka. This has the options of Bikes, Tuk-tuks, Cars, Sedans and vans. Caboo stands out from the rest of the cab services as you get an option of asking for a female driver to assist you as you travel to your destination.

If you think it is a hassle to order cabs through these applications, you could always use cab services that are available at your hotel. All the five-star and four-star hotels have their own cabs to take you to any place you need to go. The other hotels would also help you find a cab at any moment for a reasonable rate. The cab services at the airport functions as well. You could straight away book a cab before you get out of the departure terminal. In Sri Lanka, you’ve got nothing to worry about when it comes to the cab network. There are enough more options available at your fingertips.

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