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Travel insurance is a must when it comes to travelling abroad. To some countries, it is a must, but to some countries, it is not mandatory. Saying that it is good to have travel insurance to cover any emergencies. In Sri Lanka, there are a couple of local and international companies which provide travel insurances.

Allianz Insurance Lanka LTD

Sri lanka travel insurance - allianz insuarance

Allianz Lanka first started its operations in 2005. They were given the green light by the Insurance Board of Sri Lanka in the previous year as a registered non-life insurance business on the island. It took them three years to launch its life insurance after three successful years of business. Since it’s the launch of the business, Allianz has achieved numerous accolades in the trade. They have shown immense growth and now it has become one of the pioneers in the business.

Outbound travel is not as simple as traveling around the island. It involves a few things that you need to pay attention to. A lot could go wrong if you don’t be careful. Once you’re out of the country, you’re in foreign territory. There are no perks like claiming bills, free medicine, or any support with lost goods. Due to these various reasons, you need to think of a way that could help you in these kinds of situations.

Allianz travel insurance takes care of these worries and provides you with the peace of mind you need when away from home.

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Fairfirst Insurance Limited

travel insurance in sri lanka - Fairfirst Insurance

Fair first Insurance took birth in 2016. It was a joined venture between Union Assurance and Asian Alliance Insurance. However, they have taken giant strides in the industry in Sri Lanka. Fair first Insurance offers you protection so you can travel with ease and peace of mind. Soar the skies and explore the world with Fair first Insurance. To know more about their Travel Insurance Policy, click here.

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